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In an era of activism, filmmaker Connor Luke Simpson enters the world of Fat Acceptance, a provocative social movement that is seeking to change the negative perception of obesity. 

But with the world amidst an obesity epidemic, is the movement really a positive force for change?  This documentary seeks to challenge the ideology of those who are active in the movement, as well as those who oppose the acceptance of fat.

Is everything we know about obesity wrong, or, will this movement just become a footnote in the history books?

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Over the last four years, I have been studying and writing about film and television at The University of Derby, during that time I have fallen in love with one particular genre of film, documentary. From Nanook of the North to Fahrenheit 9/11, my cinematic watchlist has been filled with unforgettable documentaries.


As I wrote essay after essay analysing documentaries, I decided it was finally time to try my hand at this factual type of filmmaking. But what would my subject be? Well, it wasn’t long until I had an idea. In September 2018, Tess Holiday went viral when she became the heaviest woman to ever grace the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. I was fascinated by the public’s reaction and decided to research further into the Tess Holiday.


In turned out that Tess Holiday was not only the figurehead of body positivity but also a movement called fat acceptance. I began to discuss this with a few friends, and they had never heard of the movement, and it was then I knew I had my stimuli. Fat Acceptance was interesting because juxtaposed everything I had known about obesity; I had a feeling I wouldn’t be the only person who felt like this. So with no budget and only a handful of friends to help, I decided to challenge my presumptions and document the world of fat acceptance.



Director & Writer

Connor Luke Simpson

Director of Photography

James Hayes

Assistant Producer

Kate Seeley

Original Music 

Tom Shawcroft




Christopher Salute

Carmen Ligato Jr.

Alexandra Pedersen-Green

Joycelyn Phillips

Elizabeth Giunti

Emma Polette

Felicia Odhiambo

Evelyn Fields

Lorna Connolly

Steve Miller

Miriam Stoppard

Dermeister Entertainment

Jay Tee

for a full crew list please visit IMDB.


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