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FEED ME - A Documentary About Feederism

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

A brand new documentary from the creators behind FAT-TOPIA; FEED ME - Eating Out Has Never Been So Fun…

FEED ME (2021) - Upcoming Feederism Documentary Directed By Connor Luke Simpson

TEEJ FILMS is excited to announce FEED ME, the final film in the Fat Anthology Series. The two previous entries, FAT-TOPIA (2019) and The Dark Side of Fat Acceptance (2020) have accumulated over five million unique viewers. Online discussion and lots of secondary merchandise sales.

FEED ME documents Filmmaker Connor Luke Simpson as he explores the underground —and often misunderstood— subculture known as Feederism. A community where the fatter you are, the sexier you are.

Portrayed as a freak show attraction, the community speaks out against the mainstream media and wider society, who have smeared them for decades...

Throughout the film, Connor meets a range of feeders and feedees who have found salvation in their fetish, fat gainers, in particular, cite a liberating feeling that comes from letting yourself go, as well as promoting the benefits of experimenting with food in the bedroom. But with skyrocketing obesity rates worldwide, critics ask 'is this too good to be true?'.

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